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HDX-121 12.1″ Chart Plotter / Sounder $2550 Brochure

The HDX-121 is new for 2017 and has a built in GPS. Also recommended is the external GPS with heading sensor GP17hd for quick response and constant heading information. This uses SD card Cmap charts which your dealer can provide, USB for backup/restore to thumbdrive or card reader, 2 NMEA0183 ports to connect to other instruments. This will display AIS data received by NMEA0183 and output a variety of information to a computer if needed (including bottom hardness). The HDX121 has a 1KW digital sounder much like the HE775 with 5-pin connector. It can also record to the chart hardness and depth information if the sounder is used. The HDX121 can be bulkhead mounted as shown or overhead mounted with the same bracket, or it can be panel mounted. A second display can also be added for easier viewing options with split wheelhouse or larger boats.

Everyone will love the way the HDX121 continues the easy Hondex tradition of making and managing marks in the plotter. You may easily make marks of any color or shape with a single button, and remove them by date, color, shape, or position. Many dealers are able to import marks and waypoints from older Hondex equipment if you are upgrading.

HDX-121BB Chart Plotter / Sounder Black Box version (no Display or GPS) $1699 Brochure

The HDX121 is generally compatible with the same remotes, cables, and accessories used with recent Hondex plotters.

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