Accessories from Hondex Marine Electronics


Hondex Transducers are some of the best available, efficiently transferring plenty of power into the water in a neatly defined pattern. Use as powerful a transducer as you can get away with for a higher detail picture of the bottom or fish, and narrower beamwidth for transmitting and receiving the ultrasounic signals. 50khz has a wider beamwidth than 200khz and is preferred in deep water. After installation, select the appropriate transducer in the Hondex setup menus. We recommend the TD47 and TD47T for most installations.

TD26 600W bronze 50/200khz for HE881 and older 3-pin sounders. May be used with 5-pin sounders when power is turned down in the sounder and an optional 3-pin to 5-pin adaptor cable is used.


TD47 1KW Molded 50/200khz for all 5-pin sounders and plotter/sounders. This is intended to be professionally installed in a well in solid-core fiberglass boats and surrounded with mineral oil.


TD47T 1KW bronze 50/200khz for all 5-pin sounders and plotter/sounders. This is a traditional thru-hull transducer and is best installed with a B260 high speed fairing block. Faster boats will have less interference from bubbles using this transducer+fairing block combination.

TD67 1.8KW bronze 50/200khz for all 5-pin sounders and plotter/sounders. This provides a stronger narrower beam for 50khz due to it’s arrangement of elements. It is a more powerful transducer for sounders that can produce higher amounts of power.

Honda Electronics Co. Ltd also provide details for other transducers which are available by special order. Some dealers may be able to adapt certain existing transducers to work with a Hondex sounder or plotter/sounder if you need to change to the Hondex brand and can’t take your boat out of the water for a transducer change.

Other Accessories

Remote control. Use hardwired or wireless. Keep dirty paws off your display, have a keypad where it’s convenient, or have more than one place to control your Hondex plotter or plotter/sounder.

GP17HD Compass+GPS receiver provides position and heading information to the Hondex HDX-121 or HDX-121BB. You may also feed this position+heading out of the HDX-121 and into a computer or radar for overlay alignment or other electronics which require a heading signal.

GP17H GPS receiver for HDX-121, HDX-121BB, and 7301/7302 plotters. Provides faster updates than the previous GP16 GPS receiver.

GP16 GPS receiver for customers with older plotters.

Your dealer can also sell overhead mounts, custom cables for NMEA0183 interfacing, AIS receivers, temperature sensors, Remote splitters for dual remote use, VGA displays.. There is quite a system of options.