Hondex is a brand from the Honda Electronics Co. Ltd., a premium quality manufacturer of ultrasonic technology in Japan.

Hondex Marine Electronics are distributed in the North East USA by Jcom, which is the home of Navroc Marine Electronics and Rockbound Computer. This distribution location in Rockland Maine is central to the service area of dealers. Jcom has a staff of five full time and a part time employee to help customers with what we sell. We also receive part time help from Bob Nelson, who lives nearby and was the previous distributor.

Jcom serves these roles for the brand in North East USA:

  • Import and distribute products and parts to dealers.
  • Work with Honda Electronics Co. Ltd for product testing, changes, software updates & documentation.
  • Test product interoperability with other marine electronics and accessories.
  • Provide feedback and product suggestions to Honda Electronics Co. Ltd.
  • Provide training, technical support, & advertising support to dealers.
  • Provide product information to end users searching the Internet.
  • Direct end users to dealers for purchasing and installation.

Our mailing address is : Jcom, 156 New County Road, Rockland ME 04841

Email: jason@rockbound.net

Phone: 207-596-7803

Jcom manages this website.